​​~Rough Cut Ranch Doodles~

Our Doodle Family...​​

​​ Welcome to the ranch! 

We're a small family run ranch with a variety of "critters".

One of our passions is to breed and raise quality doodle
puppies for you and your family!

We only breed our "girls", Lady-Hawk, Mabel and Willow once a year .
Our "daddy", Shadow-Fax, completes our family
and they all reside with us in our home!

We love their puppies from the second they're born!
I nstilling and molding their little hearts with kisses and love.

We use Biosensory Training, starting at day 3.

Our puppies are also exposed to the following:
H ousehold noises, such as a vaccuum,
Small Children,
Miniature Pigs,
and Car Rides.
We have a Veterinary Assistant on site who provides prenatal and postnatal care.

We practice homeopathic care and give our mommas our organic goat's milk,
hand milked and served warm!

They're also supplemented with our own organic beef.

In addition, all our puppies are weaned using our organic goat's milk!
So, they have fabulous immune systems!

Providing all the tools they need to be...
healthy and wonderful puppies!